I know what it’s like to feel broken and lost.


Let’s be honest…I always felt like something was missing in my life. I’ve always felt a little out of place…I tried to fit in, but after a while that stopped working. I tried to roll with the roles I had been assigned in life: mother, sister, daughter, wife, student, employee. But in my heart I was yearning for something more. There HAD to be something more.

After multiple rock bottoms, I finally reached a point where I was done wondering, “what if?” I was so fed up with wading through the monotony of mediocrity. I started asking the hard questions:

“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose?”

I made a decision to start showing the eff up for myself and actually start LIVING. I decided I would do whatever it took to heal and transform my life.

I brought up the deep shit from my past. I put in the hard work.


I learned how to call out my fears and honor them. I learned how to forgive myself and others and release years of stuck energy.

I made conscious decision to align with love and let my light shine.

Once I came out on the other side, I realized I was never really broken. I was never really lost…all of that was an illusion.

The truth is, I am not my thoughts. I am not my traumas and my stories. And that lost part of me that I had been searching for was within me all along.

You and I have the same story.

This is your moment…what will you decide to do?


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